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  1. A mixed ionic and semiconducting composite in a single-layer configuration has been shown to work as a fuel cell at a lower temperature (500–600 °C) than a traditional solid-oxide fuel cell. The performance of...

    Authors: S. Jouttijärvi, X. Yao, M. I. Asghar, J. Etula, A.-M. Reinecke, W. Lippmann and P. D. Lund
    Citation: BMC Energy 2020 2:4
  2. Biomass-derived 5-ethoxymethylfurfural (EMF) with excellent energy density and satisfactory combustion performance holds great promise to meet the growing demands for transportation fuels and fuel additives to...

    Authors: Binglin Chen, Guihua Yan, Gaofeng Chen, Yunchao Feng, Xianhai Zeng, Yong Sun, Xing Tang, Tingzhou Lei and Lu Lin
    Citation: BMC Energy 2020 2:2
  3. This communication elucidates the charge storage mechanism of a TiO2 electrode in 1 mol dm− 3 AlCl3 for use in aqueous-ion batteries. Cyclic voltammetry studies suggest a surface contribution to charge storage an...

    Authors: A. W. Holland, A. Cruden, A. Zerey, A. Hector and R. G. A. Wills
    Citation: BMC Energy 2019 1:10
  4. In this work we explore the ramifications of incoming changes brought by the energy transition, most notably the increased penetration of variable renewable energy (VRE) and phase-out of nuclear and other conv...

    Authors: Leonardo K. K. Maia and Edwin Zondervan
    Citation: BMC Energy 2019 1:9
  5. Recent works have highlighted the growth of battery energy storage system (BESS) in the electrical system. In the scenario of high penetration level of renewable energy in the distributed generation, BESS play...

    Authors: Lucas S. Xavier, William C. S. Amorim, Allan F. Cupertino, Victor F. Mendes, Wallace C. do Boaventura and Heverton A. Pereira
    Citation: BMC Energy 2019 1:7
  6. Nowadays, nanotechnology is one of the most potential tools in the modern agriculture to improve productivity, adaptation to climate change and sustainable development. In this study, the effect of nanoscale z...

    Authors: Dang Diem Hong, Hoang Thi Lan Anh, Luu Thi Tam, Pau Loke Show and Hui Yi Leong
    Citation: BMC Energy 2019 1:6
  7. Scientific studies have demonstrated that it is possible to generate a wide variety of bioenergy from biomass residues and waste, and however its cost is not competitive with petro-fuels and other renewable en...

    Authors: Sze Ying Lee, Revathy Sankaran, Kit Wayne Chew, Chung Hong Tan, Rambabu Krishnamoorthy, Dinh-Toi Chu and Pau-Loke Show
    Citation: BMC Energy 2019 1:4
  8. This editorial accompanies the full launch of the latest new BMC Series journal, BMC Energy. Written jointly by the journal Section Editors, the Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board and the Editor at Springer Na...

    Authors: Harriet E. Manning, Jo-Shu Chang, Huazhen Fang, Geoffrey Hammond, Yongheng Yang and Sang Yup Lee
    Citation: BMC Energy 2019 1:1