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Table 6 Gap Analysis of the UKERC Energy 2050 Pathways [83]

From: Bioenergy utilization for a low carbon future in the UK: the evaluation of some alternative scenarios and projections

Salient Issue Strengths Limitations
Land Availability Technical developments are assumed to give rise to yield increases, as well as the take-up of SGB technologies. This modelling is not incorporated into the core scenarios evaluated in the present study. Thus, while technical developments are considered within the book-length discussion, they have no bearing on the core scenarios.
Modelling also envisages rapid increases in land take for bioenergy beyond 2030.
Land use change   Very limited discussion of the impact of land use change, either at a domestic or international level.
Socio-Eonomic factors Attempts are made to model environmentally-sensitive scenarios where the bioenergy uptake is limited by public concerns and objections. This modelling is not extended to the core scenarios. Consequently, these projections are free of the limitations that may be imposed.
No discussion is given on the uncertainty surrounding supplier uptake.
Conversion Technologies Technical developments in conversion processes are taken into account within the book-length discussion. Developments in accelerated technologies are not incorporated into the core scenarios.
Bioenergy Imports Sustainability concerns are assumed to give rise principally to the domestic production of biofuels. There is a lack of consideration of the implications of modest imports.