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Table 1 Comparison of various MS platforms in biofuel research

From: Recent advances in high-throughput mass spectrometry that accelerates enzyme engineering for biofuel research

MS platformAnalytical time per sampleBiofuel-related analyte
GC-MS5–20 min [17]Limited to small, volatile molecules (short-chain alcohol, fatty acid, hydrocarbon, fatty ester, etc.)
LC-ESI-MS10–60 min [14]Most versatile (Glycan, lipid, fatty acid-derived molecules of various chain lengths)
Automated SPE cleanup and ESI MS~ 10 s [27, 28]
Microfluidics-ESI MS< 1 s [24, 29, 30]
Acoustics-OPP-ESI MS< 1 s [31]
MALDI MS imaging< 5 s [12, 25, 26]Preferably macromolecules (glycan, lipid, etc.) and small, nonvolatile molecules (medium- to long-chain fatty acid-derived molecules, etc.)