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Table 3 An overview of the energy requirements, gross CO2 production increase, captured CO2 and CO2 intensities associated with using DAC for each of the main scenarios in 2050. System-wide CO2 intensity is shown without DAC first, then with DAC but excluding CO2 abatement from the technology because strictly speaking, it is not part of the power system. Finally, the CO2 intensity is illustrated with the abated emissions from DAC included

From: Comparing negative emissions and high renewable scenarios for the European power system

 ReferenceHigh VRENegative Emissions
Electricity Requirement (TWh)2225151
Thermal Requirement (TWh)141362916
Gross CO2Production Increase (Mt)1-1−10
CO2Capture Increase (Mt)−13− 1236− 831
Carbon Intensity without DAC (kgCO2MWh− 1)92.5−1.1− 19.4
Carbon Intensity with DAC (kgCO2MWh− 1)94.9− 1.1−21.3
Carbon Intensity incl. DAC CO2Capture (kgCO2MWh− 1)91.7− 270.7− 219.0