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Table 5 Parameters used in the scenario projections

From: Optimization of energy storage and system flexibility in the context of the energy transition: Germany’s power grid as a case study

Demand (gross, TWh)596580600570615560630
Natural gas must-run (GW)
Natural gas peak prod. (GW)
Pumped hydro peak prod. (GW)
Total imports (GWh)26,00053,00042,30096,10066,30096,10080,000
Total exports (GWh)77,000124,200135,700104,000143,700104,000150,000
Import avg. price (€/GWh)35,60035,60035,60035,60035,60035,60035,600
Export avg. price (€/GWh)32,33032,33032,33032,33032,33032,33032,330
Price natural gas (cent €/kWh)