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Table 1 Different FC types [17]

From: A review of the applications of fuel cells in microgrids: opportunities and challenges

Fuel Cell Type Mobile Ion Operating Temperature Application and notes
Alkaline AFC OH 50−200C Used in space vehicles. e.g. Apollo Shuttle
Proton exchange membrane PEMFC H + 50−100C Especially suitable for vehicles and mobile applications,
    but also for lower power CHP system
Phosphoric acid PAFC H + 220C Large numbers of 200 kW CHP systems in use.
Molten carbonate MCFC \( CO_{3}^{2-} \) 650C Suitable for medium to large scale CHP systems, up to MW capability.
Solid oxide SOFC O 2− 500−1000C Suitable for all sizes of CHP systems, 2kW to multi MW