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Table 3 Solid Biomass Imported into the UK and Their Adverse Impacts

From: Bioenergy utilization for a low carbon future in the UK: the evaluation of some alternative scenarios and projections

Imported Feedstock Sustainability Concerns Sources
Olive residues Competition for use to re-fertilise and preserve soil quality at the locality of production [89]
Palm residues A by-product of palm oil production which gives rise to various environmental burdens,
such as deforestation and loss of biodiversity, forest fires, air pollution
and associated health impacts, and the abrogation of land and social rights
Present authors
Competition for use as animal (livestock and wildlife) feedstock at the locality of production [74]
Wood (chips/pellets) Concerns surround net ‘greenhouse gas’ (GHG) balance after transportation [89]
Sourcing from forestry residues may result in degradation of soil quality and threaten biodiversity [90]