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Table 2 Bioenergy Conversion Technologies: Potential Future Developments

From: Bioenergy utilization for a low carbon future in the UK: the evaluation of some alternative scenarios and projections

Conversion Technology Efficiency GHG Reduction
Contrasted to Conventional
Fossil Fuel
First Generation Biofuels (FGB) Short Term Long term  
Bioethanol from Beet sugar 43% 43% Low-Moderate
Bioethanol from Sugar Cane 88 l/t feedstock 95 l/t feedstock High
Biodiesel from Rapeseed (RME) 88% 88% Moderate
Second Generation Biofuels (SGB) Short Term Long term  
Cellulosic Bioethanol 46% (fuel)
4% (power)
53% (fuel)
8% (power)
Fischer Tropsch (FT) Liquids 45% (fuel) 45% (fuel)
10% (power)