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Table 1 UK Bioenergy Land Availability Estimates/Projections

From: Bioenergy utilization for a low carbon future in the UK: the evaluation of some alternative scenarios and projections

Source Available Land (Mha) Time Frame Comments
Defra [19] 1.1 2020 - Future 350,000 ha for the growth of perennial energy crops in addition to 740,000 ha arable crops for 50% of RTFO (5% of transport fuels by 2010)
EEA [26] 1.6 2030 Takes no account of conversion of permanent grassland
RCEP [80] 1.0–5.5 2050 More ambitious yields, conversion efficiency and forest fuel availability will move figure towards 1 Mha
Haughton et al. [49] 3.1 Future Models planting in “environmentally acceptable locations thereby avoiding unsustainable trade-offs”
Lovett et al. [63] 3.1 Future Report solely focused on cultivation of Miscanthus, and filters out Grades 1 and 2 agricultural land
ADAS [2] 4.2 Future Comprehensive assessment of technical land availability from lower grade arable and marginal land. Highest possible scenario to be 4.2 Mha